Moses and Mount Sinai

Moses, Mount Sinai, and the 10 Commandments

Experience one of the most realistic, new features of The Shrine of Christ’s Passion as you see the newly opened Moses at Mount Sinai. With a complete mountain and new path extension built on, you will find that this new addition is one that puts you directly in scene with Moses himself. It took over 160 semis full of boulders, clay and dirt, and 3 years of constant work to complete the Moses at Mount Sinai with his 10 Commandments. The result became a true experience you can not pass up.

The Moses at Mount Sinai portion of The Shrine of Christ’s Passion includes a complete path extension of its own that has music, voice over, lighting, and sound effects that will truly take you out of Northwest Indiana and put you in the past as if you are standing with Moses.

moses and the 10 commandments shrine of christs passion