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The Shrine of Christ’s Passion is an interactive half-mile winding pathway that begins with the Last Supper and Garden of Gethsemane. When you step onto the Prayer Trail at The Shrine of Christ’s Passion it is as though you have been transported back 2000 years. The Shrine is a multimedia destination, located just 35 miles from Chicago and is set on 30 acres; it is the culmination of a 10-year project with a total cost of ten million dollars to create. 40 life-size bronze figures are artfully placed in dramatically landscaped gardens that look and feel like the Holy Land.

  • The Journey consists of 40 life-size bronze statues
  • Site construction began in 2001
  • One newscaster stated, “It’s Jerusalem in your own backyard!”
  • Each setting has a listening station featuring the voice of veteran broadcaster Bill Kurtis Push a button to hear a description of the scene along with a meditation
  • Background music plays throughout your journey on 180 speakers
  • The pathway is illuminated for early evening use. The pathway is open year-round- weather permitting
  • Over 1000 trees and bushes were planted on the site to create a beautiful, inspiring scene.
  • More than 3000 yards of stamped concrete were poured, and 200 semis of boulders were trucked in from central Wisconsin.
  • The Shrine currently has parking space for 150 cars and 20 tour buses
  • There are over 50 volunteers on staff for tour assistance
  • No matter what your group size is, we can handle it

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