Donating to The Shrine of Christ’s Passion

There are three main ways you can help The Shrine of Christ’s Passion continue its mission: monetary donations including donations made in memory of a loved one; the purchase of a Shrine Memorial Stone and/or a donation of your time and talent as a Shrine Volunteer.

Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations

The Shrine of Christ’s Passion is 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and operates solely through proceeds from Gift Shoppe and donations.  There are over one hundred volunteers and very few employees at the Shrine. Your gift will help future generations to experience as never before the Passion of Christ and draw closer to the Lord.  Here at the Shrine lives are changed every day! Please consider donating. Contributions of any size are most welcome and appreciated.  Donate online or mail your donation to The Shrine of Christ’s Passion, 10630 Wicker Ave., St. John, IN 46373. Contact Paul J.Anderson at 855.277.SHRINE (7474) for more information. 


Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones

Your purchase of a memorial stone to honor a life well lived, to commemorate a special birthday, an anniversary, or in thanksgiving will pave the way for many people to “journey” closer to the Lord, Jesus Christ.  From generation to generation the very ground of the Shrine will speak of your generosity and you will have a lasting impact on the legacy of The Shrine of Christ’s Passion! We know that your investment in The Shrine of Christ’s Passion will change hearts and influence lives for many years to come.

Purchase your Memorial Stone online or mail your donation to The Shrine of Christ’s Passion, 10630 Wicker Ave., St. John, IN 46373. Contact Paul J. Anderson at 855.277.SHRINE (7474) for more information.

Donate Your Time & Talents

Donate Your Time & Talents

Volunteering at The Shrine of Christ’s Passion gives you many different opportunities to help change someone’s life.  Spreading the message of Jesus Christ brings great joy.

The people who visit The Shrine of Christ’s Passion come to know that God really does love them, that they are not alone and that there is nothing that Jesus Christ will not do to win their hearts. As our guests walk the prayer trail, people are changed, hearts are opened, tears are shed, hope is restored and Jesus Christ is the reason!

We invite you to consider committing a few hours each week volunteering in The Gift Shoppe or as a tour guide on the grounds of the Prayer Trail. You will be joining a staff of over one hundred dedicated wonderful volunteers.   As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, The Shrine of Christ’s Passion depends on our volunteers.

The Gift Shoppe Volunteers can choose to:

  • Welcome our visitors to the Shrine
  • Assist guests looking for the perfect gift
  • Help with inventory control
  • Cashiers
  • Help with phone inquiries
  • Keep the Shrine immaculately clean
  • Assist during special events

The Prayer Trail Volunteers can choose to:

  • Give informational tours of the grounds
  • Assist those with special needs who wish to “Take the Journey”
  • Drive our club cars for guests who have special needs
  • Become an “Adopt a Station” volunteer
  • Help to keep the grounds beautiful
  • Assist during special events

We have regular volunteer orientation meetings, please consider joining us. Contact us to learn more. (link to )

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